Thursday, September 9, 2010

it is so nice to be working at one school this year! lots of classes and lots going on, here is a AMPT schedule for the year.
9:00-9:55 - 4th grade
10:00-10:55 - 3rd grade
11:00-11:55 - 5th grade
12:30-1:25 - 1st grade
1:30-2:25 - 2nd grade
2:30-3:25 - Kindergarten.


Tracy L. Taylor said...

Hello, you did not indicate what kindergarten is working on.
My apology if I overlooked. Thanks.

UPAE art said...

well, i did not post anything, because, i have not had the Kindergarten classes yet! i am just not getting them in the art room. ill post an update next week on what we are doing and how it is going.